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The summer is finally in full swing and the Fourth of July is just around the corner. Summer’s first federal holiday, the Fourth is a perfect time to get outside and be active with family and friends. Traditionally associated with booming fireworks, barbecues, and beers, we thought it would be cool to share some alternative ways to spend the holiday. The following is list of our five favorite ways to celebrate a fun-filled Fourth with the fam…4th-of-July-picnic-basket
Plan a Patriotic Picnic in the Park:
No plans this year for a classic Independence Day barbecue? Have the kids help put together a barbecue-to-go and bring it to your local park! Make some delicious fruit kebabs by throwing some grapes, pineapple, and melon chunks on wooden skewers. Whip up some mini burgers, cocktail weenies, or pigs-in-a-blanket, along with some other traditional BBQ fare such as coleslaw and applesauce to make it feel authentic. Throw your meal in a basket, grab a blanket and a football or Frisbee, and hit the park in style!
Decorate Your Bikes and Go For a Ride:
The Fourth of July is a great holiday to spend outdoors with the family. One fun way to make sure you get in some time under the sun is to decorate your bikes as a family and go show them off. Balloons, streamers, tassels, trailing tin cans… ANYTHING that is red, white, and blue! After you’re done decorating, take your newly spiffed up wheels for a spin around the neighborhood or down your local bike trail. Have friends and neighbors with bikes? Turn it into a neighborhood bike parade!
Gather Some Friends and Hit the Diamond:
Baseball is said to be America’s favorite pastime, so why not celebrate our country’s independence swinging for the fences? Grab your gloves, a bag of sunflower seeds, a big bottle of water, and meet another family or two at a local field or park for a game of baseball or softball. Not enough people to play a full game? Throw a few rounds of home-run derby. The kids will love chasing after pop flies and trying to smack it out of the park. Make it a friendly competition by awarding points for each catch and each home run.

Get Creative By Crafting With Your Kids:
Pick up some red, white, and blue construction paper, beads, glue, gold glitter, and whatever you else you think you and your little ones may want and go crazy! Make an American flag out of construction paper, a glittery firework scene, and some patriotic bling. Too hot outside? Make some foldable paper fans for you and your friends. Decorating for a Fourth of July party? Challenge your kids to put together the longest paper chain EVER. Also a great indoor alternative if the holiday brings rain!
Delicious Deserts Uncle Sam Would Be Proud Of:
Bake a batch of cookies and have your kids decorate them with the colors of the flag. Colored frostings, sprinkles, candies, and candy canes will have the cookies looking festive and tasting delicious. Too easy? Try baking the cookies in the shape of the USA or, better yet, each of the fifty states! Looking for a healthy alternative? Get some transparent cups, plain yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, and make patriotic parfaits! In each cup, switch off layers of each ingredient to make a healthy and decorative desert.

Any Ideas we missed? Wanna share your plans? Comment below! Also, if you’re in the Miami area for the Fourth and want to hang out with the GoGo Gang, come visit our mobile playground!