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Sometimes the busyness of summer gets the better of us. An easy picnic is a simple solution to take a breather from the craziness…and enjoy the simple things a bit more.     Hi, friends! I’m Kristi from It’s great to be here guest posting at Live Playfully. Thanks bunches for having me here, GoGo friends!     I wanted to chat with you today about something that seems to be somewhat of a lost art…the picnic {or pick-a-nick as my six-year-old says}. A lot of us are so busy that the thought of putting together a lavish spread for a fancy picnic seems completely overwhelming.   But why over-complicate? It’s easy to put together something super simple…and spend time outside enjoying the day with those you care about.
Put together some simple things…even convenience foods that will fuel your day. Pack plenty of water to stay hydrated, too. Don’t forget ice packs to keep everything fresh…and an insulated cooler, as well. Grab some paper plates and napkins, too. If you can keep the lunch to just finger foods, you won’t need any plastic-ware. And if picnic tables aren’t readily available, grab a blanket or quilt.   Sometimes I like to get away with just one of my guys…a little mini date, if you will. And a picnic is the perfect way! We love to head to a park for our time together.

It’s getting to be those super hot days of summer, too {we’re in Texas and have already topped the 100-degree mark a few times this summer}. Sometimes, a breakfast picnic is a better option to make sure it’s not too hot. And play equipment at playgrounds is a lot cooler in the morning, too. If you get there early enough, sometimes you’ll have the place all to yourself!
Other favorite picnic spots of ours include the pool and the beach.  Can’t beat those on a hot day!   And the most important part of a good picnic? PLAY!