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We all know there are certain foods and ingredients that are best avoided by the whole family. They can make you feel gross, affect your level of playfulness, or worse. Not cool. So, what are these ingredients and how can your family avoid them? To expand on last month’s post on lunch box packing, we spoke to our friends at Naturally Savvy and they gave us a handy list of things to steer clear of and why. Here’s the list along with some ways you and your family can use it to keep the junk out:

The Scary SevenClick image for printable version.

Craft A Prevention Plan1. Craft a prevention plan. Print and decorate the list and tape it to the inside of your lunchbox (printable version here). This will be an excellent reminder to always check the label before putting anything in your or your kid’s lunch box.

Rid Your Home Of Existing Culprits2. Rid your home of existing culprits. Print out a copy of the list for each member of your family and designate an area they must search. Hunt down the ingredients and make a list of all of the products containing them that you currently own. Once the list has been made, split it up and search the internet for healthier alternatives to these products.

Memorize And Avoid!3. Memorize and avoid! Think of creative ways to memorize the list. Play memorization games and quiz your family on the Scary Seven. Keep a copy of the list in your wallet or purse until you feel confident that you have them all down. Make it a habit to check all labels at the grocery store… A good rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce it or don’t know what it is, double check it!

To learn more about good nutrition and healthy purchasing decisions for you and your family. Visit Naturally Savvy and download their FREE new eBook entitled “Label Lessons: UnJunk Your Kid’s Lunch Box“. For every share of the eBook, $1 will go to Healthy Child Healthy World. You’ll find us on Page 19!