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Forgotten where you put your keys again? Having difficulty multiplying 3 x 4? It’s time to channel your inner Einstein with this roundup of crazy cranium teasers…

The Techie


Take a few minutes in between updating your blog and Instagram-ing your lunch to boost your brain cells. Fit Brains Trainer App provides a collection of fun brain games on-the-go, tailoring each experience to your needs. You can also track your progress and see how you measure up to others (posting results to Facebook optional).

The Aspiring Architect


So, you totally dig playing legos? Perhaps you get excited at the idea of a new house project? Challenge yourself with these 3-D wooden puzzles by Monkey Pods. The interlocking pieces create shapes that range from puppies to pyramids and look cool on display when your brain needs a break.

The Inner Nerd


You’ve enjoyed a Lord of the Rings marathon on more than one occasion. You’re also certain that acceptance owl to Hogwarts is going to arrive any day now (fingers crossed). Rule your own world with Summoner Wars. Available as a board game or an iPhone app, use magic portals and cast spells to amp up your strategic skills.  

The Weekend Warrior


You can’t wait for that Saturday morning bike ride and if you have to sit at your desk for one second longer, you might go insane. It’s time to gather the crew and get moving. Design a scavenger hunt at your local park to get the creative juices flowing. What’s a better prize, your signed poster of The Goonies or that bowling trophy you won at the office holiday party?

None of these intellectual teasers doing it for you? Take a walk to get your mind going.