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The football season is well under way and whether your team has been doing well or not, it’s been an interesting one to watch! Because of a new rule requiring players to wear the same helmet for every game of the season, the NFL has (by default) banned certain throwback uniforms that require a switch of the helmet. We rather enjoy the throwbacks, so we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. Here is our roundup of the the best, worst, and downright funniest NFL throwback jerseys and uniforms throughout history.

1920's New York Giants Uniform Hinkey HainesThis looks more dangerous than protective. Not to mention it’s just plain scary.

1926 Duluth Eskimos Uniform Ernie NeversEasily one of the best NFL throwbacks of all time. Fear the igloo.

2010 Green Bay Packers 1929 ThrowbackSo this wasn’t taken in 1929… but you get the picture. Discount double check?

2012-pittsburgh-steelers-1934-throwback-uniformYou wonder if they ever considered calling themselves the Pittsburgh Bumble Bees. Some NFL throwback uniforms should just be thrown out.

1939 New York Giants UniformIs it just us, or do those look more like hats than helmets?

1970 Buffalo Bills UniformSimple. Understated. Overextended?

1972 Miami Dolphins UniformThe turquoise is iconic… and who wouldn’t want a pair of those socks?

1976 Los Angeles Rams UniformWe understand the ram horns on the helmet, but the sleeves? Questionable.

1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers UniformDoes this picture make anyone else want a Creamsicle?

1981Cleveland Browns UniformWonder why there’s no decal on the helmet? Ask yourself, “what exactly IS a brown?”

1984 New England Patriots UniformWho was the genius that came up with the red, white, and blue color scheme?

As you can see, football uniforms have come a long way since helmets were optional… What’s your favorite throwback jersey? Let us know by commenting below.