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Something pretty awesome hit our inbox recently and we just HAD to share it. We received step-by-step instructions on how to construct a GoGo squeeZ Spaceship. That’s right, a SPACESHIP. Upcycling at its finest. We’re always looking for playful ways to keep the fun going even after the box is empty, and 5-year-old Alex D. from Stone Mountain, Georgia has done just that. Grab some empty boxes of GoGo, a few simple household supplies, and throw on your moon boots. It’s time to blast off!

How To Build A GoGo Spaceship - The SuppliesSupplies:
1 empty 4-pouch box of your favorite GoGo squeeZ
1 small empty box of another food product (or 2nd box of GoGo squeeZ)
Stapler or glue stick
Stickers and/or markers to decorate

Step 1: Open GoGo squeeZ box where it says ‘Pull Here to Open’ and remove pouches.

How To Build A GoGo Spaceship - Rocket Boosters!Step 2: Cut the other end to mirror the newly opened side. Staple the ends together to make the backs end the rocket boosters. (See picture)

Step 3: Use the other cardboard box to design wings and a tail, then cut and color them. You will need to make a small fold on the side of each wing where it will attach to the main body of the spaceship, and also a fold on the bottom of the tail where it will attach to the top of the spaceship. On our spaceship, the front of the GoGo squeeZ box ended up as the bottom of the spaceship. That works nicely because the cutout on the front where you can see the pouches makes an excellent thumb hole to hold and fly the spaceship!

Step 4: Use glue or a stapler to attach the wings and tail. Ask an adult for help with the stapler. Now your GoGo squeeZ spaceship is ready to decorate!

Step 5 (Optional): We also used a piece of another box with a cellophane window to make a cab for astronauts. Just cut a rectangular piece with the cellophane in the center to fit the front of your spaceship. Fold the top and bottom edges. Cut and decorate two faces and glue them to the front on the spaceship. We thought it would also be cute to use the apples from another GoGo Squeez box as the astronauts! Tape top and bottom edges of the cab window to the front of the box.

How To Build A GoGo Spaceship - All Done!Step 6: Ready to fly!

Kudos to Alex for upcycling our packaging! For more info and ideas on upcycling visit Terracycle. Want to start your own Terracyle brigade? Sign up here!

Do you have any cool upcycling ideas that you want to share with the rest of the GoGo community? Tell us yours idea by commenting below or shooting us an email at [email protected]. We just may feature you here on Live Playfully!