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It’s no shock that organic food for babies and children has been a hit among parents over the last several years. But, how shocked would you be to discover the trend sowed it’s roots in pop culture as early as the 80’s?

Diane Keaton, known as a style icon for her role in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, became a lifestyle trendsetter in the 1987 comedy Baby Boom. Keaton plays J.C. Wiatt, a career-driven single Manhattanite*, whose world gets rocked by a little cutie named Elizabeth, a baby inherited from a distant relative.

A crazy work schedule leaves J.C. questioning her child’s care. She decides to trade the urban jungle for life in rural Vermont. After several hilarious mishaps, she soon finds happiness and opportunity in the organic applesauce she creates for her daughter. In true 80’s fashion, there is a great montage (and original song!) tracking her progress.

Behold – eight parenting and childcare lessons we learned from Baby Boom, the movie:

1) How NOT to carry an infant.How NOT To Carry A Baby

2) Babies probably shouldn’t be dropped off at coat check… even if you have an important business lunch.Coat Check

3) A crafty new way to check your kid’s weight.New Way To Weigh

4) Babies should be cleaned IN a bathtub, not LIKE a bathtub.How NOT To Clean A Baby

5) When in doubt, improvise.When In Doubt, Improvise

6) A little retail therapy never hurt anyone.Retail Therapy

7) Getting into “the right school” isn’t as important as getting into the right school for you. Take a break from the stress and play in the sandbox every once in a while.Baby-Boom-Sandbox

8) And, finally, kids LOVE an organic lifestyle.Organic Lifestyle

The bottom line? Not much has changed since 1987. Baby Boom gives us a peak into an ongoing challenge many face: work-life balance. Life lessons learned?

  • Don’t sweat it! This movie taught us that it’s all about making choices and choosing your own priorities. Everyone has a different idea of what is perfect to them – manage your expectations!
  • Plan ahead. Sometimes it’s best to plan before jumping into a big life change. If you have a business idea, do some market research before you take the plunge!
  • Being a single parent is not easy. Props to all of the parents out there!

And remember, at the very least, there’s always applesauce

*Note: Nothing says “super mom” like a pair of slick shoulder pads.