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Most humans love animals. I mean, hellllloooo? Ever watched the video of the water skiing squirrel or the surprised kitty? Aside from being hilarious, cute, and sometimes fuzzy, animals can also tell us quite a bit about ourselves. For instance, every person tends to have one animal that he or she has a particular affinity toward or considers their favorite. Which animal this is can tell a lot about that person’s personality and imagination. We did some digging and put together a short guide on what your favorite animal says about you and your imagination. Disclaimer: The following is not based on scientific fact.

Rabbit PeopleRabbits:
People who love rabbits are generally warm-hearted, quiet, and peaceful. Like rabbits, these people are very intuitive, sweet, and soft. Though they may seem frail because of their gentle personality, people who love rabbits are actually quite practical and strong. Because of their practicality, their imaginations tend to be less abstract than others’, and are more realistic and focused on the ability to survive. This usually translates to strong situational assessment and imaginative problem-solving.

Horse PeopleHorses:
People who love horses tend to be adventurous and free-spirited personalities with wild and creative imaginations. That said, you don’t want to cross them or talk behind their back – they may also have a temper that can bite! In general, these are people who enjoy taking control of their own destiny and holding tightly to the ‘reins’ of their own life (pun intended).

Dog PeopleDogs:
People who love dogs are often loyal, brave, and determined. They are social butterflies and are willing to take risks on things that they believe in. Dogs themselves can become sad if not played with and tend to intrude on a person’s activities if they’re feeling bored or lonely. Dog lovers can exhibit these same characteristics, being very playful but sensitive to exclusion. In terms of imagination, people who love dogs can be stuck in more conventional and traditional ways of thinking, in turn making them generally less imaginative and open to unique ideas.

Cat PeopleCats:
On the opposite end of the spectrum, people who love cats tend to be less outgoing and outwardly playful, becoming shy, timid, and bashful when subjected to highly social situations. Like cats, cat people often become interested in a particular social activity for only a short period of time, becoming more and more disinterested as the activity goes on. Although they are quiet and analytical, they also have a more open and vivid imagination. Perhaps this is why cats and dogs seem to always be at odds!

Penguin PeoplePenguins:
People who love penguins can be some of the chattiest people you’ll ever meet. They may even have a tendency to forget important responsibilities because they’re too distracted in what they’re talking about! That said, penguin lovers tend to be some of the most friendly, helpful, and generous people out there. With generally upbeat personalities, and a glass-half-full attitude, penguin people can be some of the best to keep around.

What’s your favorite animal? What do you think it says about you and your imagination? Comment and tell us below!