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Halloween is just around the corner and it’s about time to start getting prepared with fun ways to celebrate with the family! The possibilities are endless when it comes to fun and creative things you and your family can do to get in the Halloween spirit. From spooky decorations to DIY slime, we’ve got you covered here. Have some awesome ideas of your own? Be sure to share with us in the comment section below!

DIY SlimeDIY SlimeThere are a bunch of different ways to make your own DIY slime, but we like to keep it simple. Our go-to recipe is a quick and easy way to have endlessly entertaining slime oozing through your finger tips in no time. Simply mix one cup of cornstarch with one cup of water in a large bowl, add a little food coloring, smoosh it around in your fingers until you have a slimy consistency, and voila! Slime for days.

Pumpkin CarvingCarved Pumpkin - Jack-O-LanternOne of the first things people associate with Halloween is carving pumpkins. The Jack-O-Lantern is an iconic must-have decoration for any Halloween-loving household, so we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it here. Get yourself a pumpkin carving kit with child-safe tools to do the work. First, you’re going to want to cut off the top of the pumpkin by cutting a circle around the stem. Next is the fun part. Reach into your newly cut whole and pull out all the gooey guts. Then you’re going to want to choose the cleanest side of the pumpkin and carve your face (or whatever else your little heart desires). Extra tips: Use a Sharpie or other marker to draw the desired image on the pumpkin before cutting into it. Use a toothpick to reattach any chunks of pumpkin you may want to.

Pumpkin DecoratingDecorate Pumpkins and SquashesNot feeling like wielding carving tools? Why not try a paintbrush? There are many ways you can decorate a pumpkin or other seasonal vegetable (such as squash) without having to use potentially unsafe instruments with the little ones. Paints, stickers, pins, glue, glitter, you name it, you can use it on a pumpkin. Paint a monster, write a ‘Happy Halloween!” message, or glitter it ’til it glows. The sky is the limit when decorating your own pumpkin.

DIY Halloween Decoration - Ghost BalloonsDIY Halloween Decoration - Balloon GhostsOne of our favorite spooky DIY Halloween decorations is the friendly ghost balloon. Buy a pack of white balloons and some glow sticks. Before blowing up the balloons, crack the glow sticks and place them in the empty balloons. Next, blow the balloons up to whatever size you choose and note the cool and eery effect of the glowing insides. Next, carefully draw a spooky ghost face on the balloon with a black permanent marker and hang wherever you wish to frighten guests!

DIY Halloween Decoration - Candy JarDIY Halloween Decorations - Candy JarsAnother simple DIY Halloween decoration is the candy jar. Get together as many clear, empty jars you as you can find, or go to a supermarket and pick some up. Buy a few large bags of candy corn or other bite-sized Halloween themed snack, and fill the jars. Cut long strands of raffia to tie in a bow around the tops of the jars. Simple as that! If you wanna go the extra mile, paint letters or scary monsters on the jar!

Halloween Cookie DecoratingHalloween CookiesPlayful, fun, and ultimately delicious, decorating halloween themed cookies has always been a hit. Simply pick up some ready bake sugar cookies from the grocery store (or make from scratch if you love to bake!), and some appropriately colored frostings, sprinkles, and other candies. You can even get some creepy cookie cutters if you’re feeling ambitious! Once you have your cookies cooled and out of the oven, you and your family can compete for the creepiest, silliest, and just plain coolest cookie! Extra tips: Red gel frosting works well as tasty fake blood and cinnamon imperials are awesome for making beady red eyes!

Want to show us how something turned out? Upload a pic to our Live Playfully Facebook page. We’d love to take a look! Also, be sure to check back often as we’ll be celebrating all month!