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Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is in two short weeks and whether the celebration is taking place at your house or a family member or friend’s, it’s time to start planning it! There are a ton of fun and creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving beyond the traditional turkey dinner. Plan to do something different this year with our handy list of family Thanksgiving activities.

Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving - Give BackExpress your gratitude by doing something charitable. One option is volunteering with the whole family. Nothing says “thank you” quite like giving back to the community. Use your time helping others to reflect on the things you are thankful for in your own life. Alternatively, you can enter a Thanksgiving Day race for charity. Find your local Turkey Trot and bring the rest of the family to cheer you on!

Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving - Share StoriesStory time! Gather everyone around and tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. There are a lot of great books out there you can read as a group. If you want to make it interactive, pass the book around and have each person read a page using different voices for different characters.

Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving - Make Festive TreatsMake fun Thanksgiving-themed deserts for an after-turkey treat. Some of our favorites include Oreo Cookie Turkeys (that you can also use as a place setting) and easy-to-make Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats.

Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving - Get CraftyInstead of plugging in a video game or movie, give the kids coloring sheets and other arts and Thanksgiving crafts they can work on while they wait for dinner. Encourage them to make cutouts of popular Thanksgiving images such as turkeys and pilgrim hats and write on them what they are thankful for. When they’re all done you can decorate the refrigerator with them or tape them on your window! Don’t forget to make your own, too.

Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving - Walk It OffTake everyone for a post-Thanksgiving feast walk. Let’s be honest. We all tend to go a bit overboard on Turkey Day and stuff ourselves with stuffing. Going for a walk after the meal can help kick the food-induced coma. Make sure to bundle up if it’s chilly and use the time play a game of I Spy with the group.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to Thanksgiving activities for kids and the rest of the family. What are the fun ways you will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Let us know by commenting below!