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Hey y’all! Meet Anjali. She loves GoGo squeeZ and this is her story of how she reached out to us and it turned into the Tau Sigma Gamma GoGo Challenge! Take it away Anjali…

GoGo Challenge Part 1 - Anjali

Once upon a time there was a girl named Anjali who had but one dream…. This dream looked a little like a pouch of GoGo squeeZ and a lot like her eating it. That girl Anjali is none other than me, and that dream is what became the Tau Sigma Gamma GoGo Challenge!

Here’s a quick history lesson on the Tau Sig GoGo Challenge: Being the studious college student that I am, I found myself in the Ursinas College Library one night with a bunch of my sorority sisters. I came with a pouch of applesauce in hand – not out of the ordinary. However, something was different about this night. My Big Sis Allie happened to be sitting directly across from me and we were discussing who loved applesauce more. She decided to go for the low-blow by telling me that GoGo squeeZ follows her on twitter. In the heat of the moment, I decided to make a bold move and tweet my favorite food brand in hopes that I would get a follow back. Lo and behold, I got a new follower a few minutes later. It was none other than GoGo squeeZ!!! So now everyone is wondering what I tweeted to get a speedy follow back. I could use a lot of words to describe the conversation… but instead I did some digging and found this archive of our first tweets:GoGo Challenge Twitter

I blogged, they loved me. I loved them, they replenished my stock. I loved them more, they tweeted at me. I tweeted at them, and something magical happened. I had the privilege of going for round two – another GoGo Challenge! How happy was I? Happier than Johnny Appleseed sitting under an apple tree (by the way, I consider myself a living, eating, breathing Geico commecrical). This time around, the challenge was 30 days long and required that I replace all snacks with GoGo squeeZ. Of course, the applesauce was sent to me in bulk ahead of time for the purpose of the challenge. Feel free to catch up on what you’ve missed by visiting my previous blogs.

People throw around the phrase “the third time’s a charm” a lot, and it’s become a total cliché. But I don’t discriminate against clichés, so here I am now doing the #GoGoChallenge for the third time around! This time it’s bigger, better, and bolder. Bigger because there are more of us doing it, better because there is more applesauce, and bolder because that’s how we’ll need to be to survive the month!

The love for GoGo squeeZ is no longer limited to myself and Allie on this super-small campus. I can now proudly say that applesauce has become a sorority favorite – at least for Tau Sigma Gamma. Nine of my wonderful, applesauce-loving sisters and I are embarking on this third challenge by consuming GoGo squeeZ pouches as a snack substitute for an entire month. There are a few catches though. Each week comes with a shipment of GoGo and some rules/challenges we must complete! If not, we will have to face the consequences.

Tau Sigma Gamma GoGo Challenge Capes

For this first week, we had two challenges. One was to capture a GoGo selfie in class… whilst wearing our #GoGoPlayfully capes. The second challenge was to get a group picture of our pretty selves in the capes – accessories for the modern college student, if you ask me. Cheating on the challenge is also a no-go. If we cheat and get caught, we must take the person who catches us out to a restaurant of her choice. If we cheat and admit to it (because we are honest sisters and we trust each other and don’t keep secrets…), we must either run around our brother fraternity in our #GoGoPlayfully capes or clean our entire house.

So now that you know the rules, it’s time to meet the sisters and see how they did this week!

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