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Anjali is back for the third and final chapter of the GoGo Challenge. This last installment features a #GoGoChallenge photo recap with the Tau Sig girls! Here’s Anjali…

…And then we ran out of GoGo squeeZ. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We put on our mourning clothes as we squeeZ’d our last GoGo. Some of us were unwilling to open it, wishing the Tau Sigma Gamma GoGo Challenge would continue for just a little while longer. The #GoGoChallenge was well received, not only by the sister participating in the challenge but by others in the Ursinus community as well. We shared with our friends, family, strangers – all.

Rather than word vomit all the nitty gritties of our Challenge, we felt a photo recap would better showcase the fun we had with it. Sorry if the pics are cheesy… we were just trying to be cute <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

GoGo Challenge - Dog GoGo Challenge - Anjali 4 GoGo Challenge - Pumpkin Carving GoGo Challenge - Fraternity Brother GoGo Challenge - Homework 2GoGo Challenge - Pumpkin Carving GoGo Challenge - Three Sisters GoGo Challenge - Anjali 2 GoGo Challenge - Cape GoGo Challenge - GoGo squeeZ Pouch GoGo Challenge - Anjali 3

We’d like to give a huge shout out to GoGo squeeZ for making this challenge happen. It was a dream come true and for that I have my sisters to vouch. One of the last parts of the challenge was to celebrate and make GoGo-ritas and GoGo-tinis. This part of the challenge was not forgotten, for we did indulge in a few of these fruity drinks! But until we meet again, hope you enjoyed the pictures of the good times we had with GoGo. Auf wiedersehen, ciao, adieu!