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If you’re looking for DIY or craft gift ideas, the toy phenomenon that has swept the country in the last year, the Rainbow Loom, may be just the solution you and your kids are looking for this holiday season. The Rainbow Loom (formerly Twistz Bandz) is a gender-neutral kit for making rubber band links and braids of all kinds. You can make bracelets, necklaces, belts, and even bags!

The sensation is so new that fresh patterns are always being discovered and the possibilities of what you can create with it are endless. To give you an idea of the hottest Rainbow Loom creations out there and what you can make for your friends and family as holiday gifts, we’ve put compiled some of the coolest and most popular How To Rainbow Loom videos we’ve seen thus far. Happy looming!

Starburst Bracelet:

Raindrop Bracelet:

Fishtail Bracelet:

Dragon Scale Cuff Bracelet:

Super Stripe Fishtail Bracelet:

Mustache Tail Cuff Bracelet:

Inverted Fishtail Bracelet:

Hexafish Bracelet:

Triple Single Rainbow Bracelet:

Show us how your Rainbow Loom holiday gifts turn out! Contact us using the comments section below!