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We recently came across an article offering a particularly sour perspective on lemonade stands. Challenging this classic foray into entrepreneurial-ism, a disgruntled mother preached about rising prices, a marketplace overabundance (she must be a city-dweller) and various matters of sanitation and taste. In defense of the lemon squeezers, iced tea hustlers, and bake sale CEOs, we’d like to take a stand. Pun intended.

Five Reasons to Love Lemonade Stands:

In Defense of the Lemonade Stand - Life Lessons1. They teach valuable life lessons.
There was a point—pre existential angst—when a summer afternoon could feel like a slow creep toward eternity. On one such afternoon, I learned a valuable lesson: boredom is obsolete when there are daydreams to be had, books to be read, and businesses to be launched (I learned another lesson, too: never utter the words, “I’m bored” within earshot of your mother unless you’re in the mood for some time-killers in the chores arena…but that’s another story). Rather than whining and moping through idle downtime, we can invest life’s lemons into profitable yellow beverage ventures.

In Defense of the Lemonade Stand - Smiles2. They make people smile.
Have you ever passed a lemonade stand and not smiled? They are absolute day-makers. Maybe it’s the owners’ adorable handwritten signs, or their contagious display of enthusiasm at the sight of potential customers, but I’m wary of the person who passes such operations without a grin. Even if my pockets are empty and the beverage looks questionable, there is no way I’m not offering, at the very least, an encouraging facial expression.

In Defense of the Lemonade Stand - Buy Local3. They model the importance of buying local.
Everybody loves a locavore, as evidenced by the 8,000-and-counting farmers markets across the USA. Just as it’s important to know your farmer, you ought to get some face time with the adorable lemonade vendors on the corner. We all know the importance of job creation in our current economic climate.

In Defense of the Lemonade Stand - Business Savvy4. They boost social skills and business savvy.
In this screen-obsessed day and age, this one should speak for itself. The future president of the United States is not parked in front of a video game; he or she is developing killer interpersonal skills selling lemonade to the neighbors and fairly negotiating tips among friends.

In Defense of the Lemonade Stand - Affordable5. They’re affordable.
Especially true when subsidized by generous parents, most lemonade stand pricing falls within the budget-friendly range. Stop at the next one and shell out a few quarters for a delightful and all-important refreshment. Consider it an investment in our future.

Learning how to start a lemonade stand and turn a profit is a productive undertaking for any child with a free afternoon. Summer is winding down and those free afternoons are becoming scarce. Get out there and rock the pinnacle of business ideas for kids before the hot days turn to cold and you’re wishing someone had thought of building a hot cocoa stand… Wait a minute…