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Recently, we came across an eBook that really caught our eye. Upon download, we confirmed our hunch… It’s totally awesome. KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences for Wonder, Discovery, & Childhood Memories by Jen Murray of 4tunate is full of fresh ideas to help you and your family get outside and be playful. From simple ideas like watching a sunset to more involved adventures like Geocaching, the eBook is sure to inspire lasting family memories.

It’s been a busy summer for Jen and her husband, balancing the promotion of the eBook and caring for their quadruplets, so we felt extremely FOURtunate (pun intended) to catch up with her. We talked eBook creation, KidVentures, dirt phobias, and more. Check it out!

GGS: Tell us a little about yourself and your blog.
Jen: started in 2006, when we found out we were expecting “triplets” and were searching for a way to update family and friends on our pregnancy. A couple of weeks later, we found out that our triplets were actually quadruplets, and we’ve been sharing our crazy adventures in parenting multiples ever since! Many moms tell me that they are encouraged that if I can survive motherhood with four at once, they feel like they can make it through the hard days also!

GGS: What made you want to write an eBook?
Jen: After completing a blog series on Simple Outdoor Adventures with Boys in the fall, there was some incredible feedback and demand for more ideas to encourage kids to get outdoors and enjoy all the great things nature offers. We decided to expand the series into a practical step-by-step guide, full of creative, active, and hand-on-learning activities for families.

GGS: Tell us a bit about the process of getting this together. (design, etc.)
Jen: I’m “4tunate” to be married to a talented web designer, so KidVentures was the result of our teamwork. I wrote most of the content and helped with the design ideas, and Brad did all of the implementing. It was very rewarding to experience the entire creative process together.

GGS: If you were to give one piece of advice to a person aspiring to write an eBook, what would that be?
Jen: Give yourself a generous time table. Creating the content is only one piece of the puzzle – building affiliates, designing a website, formatting for Kindle/Nook, illustrations, etc. are essential pieces and equally time consuming. Work on it one chunk at a time over several weeks.

GGS: We hear you have a slight phobia of dirt… Can you tell us a bit more? How did this factor into the outdoor subject matter of KidVentures?
Jen: I may be a boy mama, but that doesn’t make me an automatic mud-embracer. In fact, just yesterday I had to remind myself that it’s “just dirt” {and washing machines are made for dirt}. I think a lot of moms relate to this, and need some encouragement that all things dirty are not necessarily bad. However, there are plenty of “clean” outdoor KidVentures included in the eBook as well!

GGS: What is your favorite outdoor activity featured in the eBook?
Jen: How can I pick just one? The Toy Zip Line [see below] was an enormous hit with my boys last year, as was the Homemade PVC Sprinkler. But sometimes even the simple ones like skipping rocks, and going on nature scavenger hunts turn into some of the best family memories.KidVentures Toy Zip Line Diagram

GGS: What was your favorite outdoor activity when you were a child?
Jen: One of my favorite childhood memories was hosting a lemonade stand with some neighborhood kids to raise money for a local children’s hospital. We were so excited that we could make a difference as kids together.

I enjoyed swinging on my backyard swing set nearly every day growing up and playing in an old tire turned sandbox. I also jumped at any opportunity to go hiking on the trails at our state parks.

GGS: Where can our readers find KidVentures?
Jen: You can download the PDF version of KidVentures at . It is also available on Nook and Kindle. Download it now and jump into a summer of fun-filled memories!