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So, you may be asking yourself… What is Movember and why should I care? Movember is a global movement that encourages men to grow mustaches for a purpose. Men from all over the world register on and begin rallying friends and family to donate money toward their efforts. Think of it as one big worldwide charity race where instead of running, participants are growing a ‘stache. At the end of the month, the money goes toward funding Movember Foundation directed programs that raise awareness and help combat the effects of men’s health challenges such as testicular and prostate cancer and mental health issues.

In order to register and participate, one must follow the Movember rules. What are the Movember rules, you ask? Simple: begin the month clean shaven and grow and groom a mustache for the entire month of November. No connecting the mustache to sideburns or chin hair. These would be considered beards or goatees, respectively. But, what if you can’t grow a mustache?! Here are some ways to celebrate Movember for kids and the rest of the family that is unable to grow a ‘stache.

1. Print the Live Playfully Mustache Guide.Live Playfully Mustache Guide

Once you’ve done this you can cut out all the different mustache styles and paste or tape them on a pen or popsicle stick and hold them to your upper lip to imitate your favorite Movember participant! Alternatively, print the guide on label paper and cut out the ‘staches to stick ’em wherever you please!

2. Finger Mustache.Finger Mustache

If you don’t have a printer handy, simply take a pen or marker and draw a mustache on the inside of one of your index fingers. Hold it under your nose (make sure it’s dry first!) when you want to flaunt your Movember mustache. Get a friend to draw a different style on the other hand so you can choose your mustache by your mood.

3. Turn your favorite magazines into mustache catalogs!Mustache Your Magazines

Find a magazine that has a lot of people in it. Take a pen or a marker and draw your favorite mustaches on all your favorite actors, actresses, ads, etc. CHALLENGE: Try to draw a different style mustache on every person in the entire magazine!

4. Use an app to ‘stache-ify yourself and everyone you know!Mustache Me App

Their are a bunch of apps out there for your phone that will add a mustache to any picture you take! We reccommend Mustache Me for iPhone or Android.

5. Use our BRAND NEW CAP as a mustache! 🙂GoGo Mustache

6. Deck yourself out in all things mustache!Mustache Gear

Grab a talking mustache keyring or make mustache ice with a mustache ice tray from Kikkerland. Not quite enough? How about mustache bandages or a mustache straw from Urban Outfitters? Still not getting your Movember mustache fix? Ricky’s has temporary mustache tats for your finger (see above) and even a mustache for your phone!

7. Choose one of the mustaches from the Live Playfully Mustache Guide and have your closest Movember participant grow theirs in that style. As the hair starts growing in you can help them groom it to your liking!

Are you going to make this November a KIDS Movember? What are you going to do to make it a Movember to remember? Tell us by commenting below!