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Happy National Frankenstein Day! A few weeks ago, we noticed some really neat images popping up on Twitter. The images all seemed to be Frankenstein themed GoGo squeeZ packaging. We thought the spooky designs were super cool and with Halloween coming right up we decided to reach out. Turned out some students at CCAD were doing it for a class! Sweet assignment! Here’s what student Emily Ruff had to say:

“The GoGo squeeZ Package Redesign project was an assignment for the senior Illustration Practice and Portfolio class at Columbus College of Art & Design located in Columbus, Ohio.

For the project we were asked to choose a children’s food product and a classic novel and create a new package design, print ad, and simple motion graphic based on said novel. As a group, the four of us agreed upon GoGo squeeZ Applesauce On The Go as our food product and the novel Frankenstein, in honor of Halloween.

For the next four weeks we met every Tuesday and Thursday and shared our ideas with each other. Each of us came up with a series of thumbnail ideas, rough sketches, color studies, and finally our finished products. Then, we each pitched our new designs to our classmates.”

Here is what each of the students came up with (awesome work!!): 

Mariel Katafias Frankenstein/Halloween GoGo Packaging Redesign Mariel Katafias GoGo squeeZ Halloween Banner


Sherlann Lewandowski Frankenstein/Halloween GoGo Packaging Redesign Sherlann Lewandowski GoGo squeeZ Halloween Banner


Emily Ruff Frankenstein/Halloween GoGo Packaging Redesign Emily Ruff GoGo squeeZ Halloween Banner


Amber Vrsan Frankenstein/Halloween GoGo Packaging Redesign Amber Vrsan GoGo squeeZ Halloween Banner

Thanks again to Mariel, Sherlann, Emily, and Amber! Great work! Aren’t these awesome?! What’s your favorite? Tell us what you think in the comments below.