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As the saying goes, “kids say the darndest things.” True. But, at some point, you may want to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t exist solely on Yo Gabba Gabba songs and the words “mine” and “no”. Close your eyes and picture a place where you can read a magazine, enjoy a cup of coffee, or have a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in months (yes, it’s been months since your last coffee talk with your BFF). We know how it is: the simple and easy things you used to enjoy can be difficult to achieve with someone always at the back of your knees. Even supposed “leisure” activities, like taking your children to the playground by your house, can prove exhausting.  Lucky for us all, more and more people have come to realize that playgrounds aren’t just about the kids. They can also be a bit of a break, some aged-up playtime for parents to have an adult conversation over some coffee. Here’s a few places where your kids can have a blast (supervised, might we add…so it’s safe to look away for bit) while you sit back, relax, and unwind!

Little Beans Cafe - Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL: Little Beans Café
1809 W. Webster, Chicago, IL 60614
Prices: $12 per child + $8 per additional sibling, $20 for Supervised Play (includes admission and up to 1.5 hours of supervision)

An oasis from the humidity and snow alike, Little Beans Café has an indoor playground with a café that allows you to bring your food and drink to the play space so you can keep an eye on your children. If you need to get work done or just want to “check out” as your kids play, Little Beans also offers supervised play in which a Little Bean staff member will watch your child for up to an hour and a half. Your kids can keep their “outside voice” on while you sip your delicious, caffeinated Intelligentsia coffee or read that book that you’ve been putting aside for almost a year.
The COOP - Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA:
11118 Ventura Blvd., L.A., CA 91604
Prices: Free for parents and caregivers, $10 per child, $55 per child + $20 per additional sibling for monthly passes

Missin’ the days of good conversation, dressing up, and hitting the best restaurants in town? Well, lucky for you, the founders of COOP are bringing together the best of both worlds. They’ve created a wonderfully chic, clean, and modern play space for kids with a fabulous cappuccino bar to help kick-start your second (or third) wind. There’s an outdoor garden to relax in, magazines to browse, and they’ll even host stress-free parties! It’s not just a play space for children, it’s also a space for parents to hang out, drink their coffee, and have one of those interesting conversations they’ve all but forgotten exist.

Cool De Sac - Miami, FL

Miami, FL: Cool de Sac Playgrounds
5701 Sunset Dr #355, Miami, FL 33143
Prices: $6.50 for children under 3, $13.50 for children 3 to 12

Not only is Cool de Sac a super sweet playground, it also promotes healthy eating with its family-friendly, über tasty, nutritious and delicious restaurant. Let your kids run around the play space while you order a glass of wine (you read that correctly…WINE) and a gourmet salad. Cool de Sac combines playful children activities with an adult space to allow you to have delicious meals and time with your friends. You’re the one picking up the check –  shouldn’t you get to enjoy your time, too?

CitiBabes - New York, NY

New York, NY: Citibabes
52 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013
Prices: Inquire about a membership here.

New York City can be one of the most difficult places to raise your kids. Hectic crowds jostling on every street corner as you try to return to your apartment, being forced to leave the park when your child begins having the mother of all meltdowns… So where can a New York City parent find peace of mind while their children have a blast with some room to run around? Located in the heart of Soho, Citibabes offers fun and playful classes for both children and parents, ranging from science and cooking classes for kids to parenting seminars for adults.  Citibabes also hosts a fitness gym for parents, and a “Citigym” for kids, so no one in the family has to neglect their exercise. While your kid’s in an art class, take some time for yourself and enjoy a fresh juice or a deliciously fresh salad at Junior Fresh/Citibabes café.
Casa De Luz - Austin, TX
Austin, TX:
Casa de Luz
701 Toomey Road, Austin, TX 78704
Prices: Free for customers

Sometimes you want your kids to branch out and try something new. Though not a traditional café/indoor playground, Casa de Luz offers a vegan menu that changes daily, while also hosting a playground in its own backyard. Sit outdoors, eat delicious macrobiotic food, and relax as your kids play on the jungle gym. This is the kind of playful environment that’s perfect for introducing the little ones to some healthy food options. Once they’re good and full, the kids can run off to the playground while you and your spouse can relax and hang out like the kid-free days.

Where do you take your kids for a stress-free time with your friends? Let us know – comment below!