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The only thing better than a holiday dedicated to feasting with family and friends is two holidays dedicated to feasting with family and friends. Just when you think Turkey Day couldn’t possibly get any sweeter, brighter, and more food-coma-inducing, a rare confluence of the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars shows up on your plate and an even better holiday is born. Thanksgivukkah, a hybrid of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, could quite possibly be the best thing to happen the nationally celebrated day of love and gratitude since the invention of canned pumpkin, Tofurkey, and Turducken, depending on your dietary preferences.

The last time Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincided was in 1888. Unless you plan on living another 70,000+ years, November 28, 2013 will be like no other day in your lifetime. So gather your family, pass the sweet potato latkes, and light the menurkey, because the “most wonderful time of the year” will have a tough act to follow.

With the help of the Internet, Thanksgivukkah has ignited a marketing frenzy, expanded our vocabulary, and ushered in several opportunities for entrepreneurialism, culinary creativity, and commemorative T-shirts. Here are a few of our favorite holiday fusions thus far:

Marketing Specialist + Rare Event = ThanksgivukkahMajor kudos to the forward-thinking Dana Gitell, who coined and trademarked the name “Thanksgivukkah” in 2011 after viewing a calendar of Jewish holidays. She’s also from Massachusetts (how fitting).

Menorah + Turkey = MenurkeyAsher Weintraub, 9-year-old businessman/inventor from Brooklyn, N.Y. successfully created, launched and backed a kickstarter campaign for the menurkey, a turkey-shaped version of the traditional Jewish candelabra.  Mazel tov, Asher!

Jewish Bakery + Holiday Hybrid = Turkey-DoughnutsManhattan-based Zucker Bakery upstaged the cronut by introducing four versions of the Thanksgivukkah doughnut to their treat selection. Eat a turkey-doughnut! Why not? YOTO (You Only Thanksgivukkah Once).

Challah + Stuffing = Even More Amazing StuffingA double holiday menu is doubly delicious. Upgrade all traditional recipes accordingly. Follow a Buzzfeed curated menu, or invent your own tasty combinations.

Kosher Food Maker + Gobble Time = Multimedia Marketing GoldManischewitz Company, the nation’s leading maker of kosher foods launched a comprehensive multimedia campaign that includes a special microsite, revamped social media presences, digital ads, paid search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, video clips, e-cards, recipes, a recipe contest and a free app. Man-O-Manishewitz, we won’t soon forget this day!

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