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It’s official. The summer season is all but gone and we’re creeping toward sweater weather and the return of over-scheduled routines. Fear not! There’s still plenty of time for outdoor activities. Side with the optimists on this one; slightly lower temperatures will only heighten the outdoor gaming experience. If you missed the boat on that office softball team, seize the tail end of summer and start your own league. Here’s a classic that’ll carry you through to touch football season—and one that’s really fun to say: Wiffle ball.

We all know what it’s like to become unapologetically intense during acasual game of pickup soccer, street hockey, softball, or [insert other amateur sports league here]. Everybody loves, and perhaps needs, a healthy dose of competition from time to time. This is especially true for those looking to relive the glory days of former athletic careers. The feeling is best summarized in eight words borrowed from the coolest college intramural sports T-shirt we’ve ever seen: “Be All That You Were in High School.” There’s an MVP within each of us waiting to (re) emerge, and a lightweight ball and skinny yellow bat to make it possible.Be All That You Were In High School

Sadly, only a lucky few have access to the wide-open spaces necessary for traditional gaming. When activities are limited to a backyard, city block, or similarly confined parcels of land, a game of Wiffle ball presents a viable alternative to its more traditional cousin. The perforated plastic, though aerodynamic, is unlikely to travel too far, keeping ball chasing to a minimum even when at the mercy of a former all-star slugger (whose biceps have likely grown in girth since earning the little league title circa the early 90’s).

Wiffle-BallWiffle ball equipment is typically injury-proof, provided no one sticks a
finger into one of the ball’s characteristic holes. Furthermore, it’s relatively easy to throw fancy pitches with this rebellious variation of the baseball. In fact, David N. Mullany originally invented the Wiffle ball in 1953 specifically for the development of his 12-year-old son’s pitching prowess. Whether you master the curveball, sinker, and riser deliberately or by lucky chance, you’re going to feel like a champ.

If you’re feeling particularly official, hit up the internet for Wiffle ball rules and regulations, or to find official Wiffle ball equipment. Alternatively, you can head in our preferred and recommended direction and make it up on the fly. However, as inter-Wiffler conflicts can rapidly escalate in win-or-lose situations, it may be wise to get those rules in writing before the first pitch. At the very least, make sure all involved parties give verbal consent to an agreed set of regulations.

Don’t let the spirit of summer slip away so easy! On the next beautiful day, rally your comrades, gather the equipment and take the makeshift field. Play (Wiffle) ball!