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There’s no denying that yoga has roughly 782 (give or take) amazing benefits for our health. Yoga is amazing in that it gives us flexibility, strength, and confidence. So naturally, including kids in yoga practice is fantastic for them too. It can also be a really fun indoor activity for both parents and kids, which is exactly what we need with the winter fast approaching. But from savasana to the locust, keeping the attention of young yogis through asanas is challenging. So, here are four ways to make yoga more playful for kids and parents alike…

GlowgaShow off how flexible both you and your wee one are with glow-in-the-dark yoga. Draw the blinds to create a dark space and be sure to include a mirror. Use glow in the dark bracelets, gloves, stickers, and other accessories to get yourself glowing. Move through some playful poses together while enjoying all the pretty colors and shapes you can make with your bodies.

Criss Cross ApplesauceSure, “Lotus Pose” is an alright name, but “Criss Cross Applesauce” is MUCH more playful! Encourage your kids to come up with their own names for the poses. In doing this, the little yogis will be able to stretch their imagination as well their coordination.

Invent New PosesThere are some yoga positions in a traditional flow that are not recommended for kids under the age of 12, simply as some motor skills are not quite fully developed. Instead, have your kid make up their very own poses based on their name. Have them make a big “A” shape, or whatever the first letter of their name is.

Feature Their Favorite ToysYoga is great for practicing balance and calmness, and a great way to help kids with this is by incorporating beanie toys. Place all the toys into a tote bag and draw a new toy out of the bag at the beginning of every pose. Try balancing toys on your head, tummy, or back through poses.

Yoga is a great release for parents and young yogis alike and, when practiced together, it can be a super fun family activity. On top of that, as the winter approaches, switching out some outdoor play for a yoga mat in the warmth of your own home will be a really great way to keep the family active.